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CollaborateMD (CMD) is a Cloud-based, hassle free Medical Billing and efficient Practice Management Software. With more than a decade of established use in Private Practices and Medical Billing companies, CMD is the most preferred solution available today. With the highest First Pass claim Acceptance (FPA) Rate in the industry - Averaging 99%, combined with month-to-month Affordable pricing and CMD's use anywhere, at any time, capability, makes CollaborateMD the premier industry choice. CMD's leading 99% FPA average increases customer cash flow by thousands of dollars, reduces claim rework, resulting in overall improved office productivity. CollaborateMD integrates with over two dozen popular EMR / EHR solutions, offering HL7 interface options, enabling their customers to select the best Electronic Health Record to accommodate their office needs. Since 1999, the goal of CollaborateMD has been to continually provide customer's in the Health care industry an efficient solution through technology, innovation and CMD's customer-centric team - dedicated to the customer's success! If you're a Medical Provider, Office Manager or Billing Service, check out CollaborateMD risk-free. You deserve an affordable, ease of use solution that lowers A/R, supports painless reporting and provides smooth workflow. Contact CMD Sales @ 877.480.6517 or

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Provides Cloud Medical Billing and Practice Management Software to medical offices and medical billing services across the U.S.
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