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Courseload, Inc. is an innovative early stage educational software company. Our SaaS offering reduces the cost of most commercially available textbooks and proprietary content by up to 2/3 and provides electronic access to self-generated, open source and fair use educational materials, saving students thousands of dollars over their four year undergraduate careers, while improving both revenue and margin for textbook publishers. Additionally, the Courseload solution offers collaborative teaching and learning capabilities to students and professors that improve learning outcomes as proven by National Science Foundation-sponsored research at a major university. The Courseload solution strongly resonates with those working to make the total cost of college more affordable while enhancing educational results, yielding millions of dollars in aggregate savings to the students of schools each year. Courseload continues its expansion in the higher education and K12 spaces, working with multiple Big Ten schools, private liberal arts and technology universities, community and technical colleges, and the premier K12 school in the State of Indiana. Expansion to other universities, colleges and schools continues

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