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DataChat is all about the conversation. With our novel Conversational Intelligence technology, user can carry out a conversation with their data to get meaningful insights. Going well-beyond simple chat technology, Conversational Intelligence allows users to naturally express a sequence of complex analysis tasks in natural language. Our platform also has a powerful in-built real-time data analytics engine that delivers the results quickly, and in a visual way, to enable the user to conduct sophisticated analysis at the speed of human thought.

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Company Mission

Insights, Simplified.

Company Vision

Rethink data analytics from the ground up

What if the idea that “everyone should learn to code” is unnecessary? What if anyone could carry out data science functions without having to learn to code?

DataChat was born of those two questions and the vision of democratizing the power of data science. By developing a programming language that has the naturalness of English and the precision/accuracy of data programming languages, we have made analytics accessible and approachable to everyone.