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Electrada offers a turnkey EV charging infrastructure solution for electric vehicles. The company’s network of charging locations is the catalyst to overcoming accessibility and reliability hurdles currently limiting EV adoption. Electrada’s turnkey model integrates site energy engineering, supply optimization, and fleet analytics into a fully capitalized customer solution where the fleet owner eliminates the risks of electrification while capturing predictable savings and sustainability outcomes for its stakeholders. Electrada’s solution ecosystem includes well-established fleet management, charging technology, microgrid, and energy partners, dedicated to ROI-based decarbonization of transportation, across multiple vehicle classes and use cases.

Cincinnati, OH




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Company Mission

Our MISSION is to provide the highest-performance, turnkey EV charging solutions.

Core Values

Our PURPOSE is to capitalize and operate EV charging infrastructure as both an affordable and convenient amenity and high-reliability, critical backbone for businesses, communities and institutions.

Our MISSION is to provide the highest-performance, turnkey EV charging solutions.

Our PARTNERS are cities and municipalities, workplaces and residential buildings, retail outlets and parking facilities, universities and hospitals, hotels, parks and recreation areas, automakers and auto-dealers, utilities, and fleet owners.

Our local TEAM is composed of experts in energy, emerging grid technology, data science and customer service who are dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a clean transportation future.

We are a COMMUNITY-FIRST organization, dedicated to elevating the quality of life for the cities, towns, businesses and residents that we serve. Our success is linked to improving access to clean, affordable mobility solutions for all community stakeholders.

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