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Trust must be earned through consistent performance. All of us at Fusion Technology understand the importance of an individual commitment to excellence. This foundational understanding and guiding belief in providing unparalleled IT support services has enabled us to establish a reputation as a dependable performer in our industry. For more than a decade, Fusion Technology has been providing IT services and solutions to various governmental agencies, private organizations, government contractors, healthcare facilities, and corporations, providing high quality service and support in many disciplines. Fusion Technology works with the government and private sectors, providing a full range of IT services and solutions to ensure U.S. national security. With decades of experience in the Federal IT space and a commitment to excellence, we strive to bring success to each of our clients by using industry best practices and best value solutions. Founded in 2007, we created our business because we realized that there was a better, more efficient way to provide IT services and solutions. By investing in our employees and understanding their value, not only do we retain highly skilled, motivated employees, we also produce results that go beyond our client's expectations. With this foundation in place, Fusion Technology is one of the fastest growing small businesses in the information technology field. We value our employees. By providing excellent benefit choices to employees and their families and creating a sense of community within the company, we make sure to invest in the success of our employees.

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