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We think vending machines can do anything. It's how we've always been. It's why we created the first vending machine to help Union Pacific Railroad distribute its safety supplies, and why today, we're solving efficiency problems in the halls of the world's most innovative companies. We're the global leader in supply vending, serving customers in 34 countries. Among our solutions, we offer two core products, the Smart Station™, a vending machine that stocks keyboards, power cords and a myriad of other work-related supplies and Smart Station Lockers™, for higher-value items, such as laptops. The concept of smart vending is refreshingly simple: empower employees to work smarter and faster, by giving them instant access to the tools they need. The world's most innovative companies — Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Twitter — rely on Smart Stations to help employees be their most creative, collaborative and competitive. Smart Stations transform the way everybody works and come pre-loaded with an unmatched service promise—a lifetime guarantee. Our team collaborates with yours to design a custom solution that solves your biggest productivity slowdowns. We've earned the trust of some of the most recognizable names in tech, manufacturing and healthcare because we set the service bar high and keep moving it up.

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