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Company Mission

LawVu was built to empower corporate in-house legal teams and bring legal ops to the heart of the business. Because that’s where it belongs. We are beyond excited to use what we are learning everyday to create an eco-system that will reshape the way companies view their legal function, and forge new ways of working that will ultimately influence the way legal services are delivered around the world. We are on an exciting growth journey and are looking for talented individuals who can contribute and help us make our mark in the world.

Core Values

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Lawvu was founded to bring greater honesty and integrity to the legal industry – so it makes sense that we ourselves, are good, honest people. We believe in staying humble, and realise that we all have a lot to learn, no matter who we are. We believe in acknowledging others and giving credit where it's due. Find the “truth” Listen carefully Question intently Connect with empathy Be honest and transparent.

Challenge each other. Respectfully.

Back yourself. Back others.

At LawVu, we are inspired by 'impossibilities'. To make the 'impossible' a reality, each and every one of us must think like a problem solver – erasing the word 'can't' from our minds. There is always a way to overcome challenges and we won't rest until we've found it. If we can't find the right path, that's when it's time to build a new one. Trust in our individual expertise. Grab opportunities. Embrace challenges. Mistakes happen. Own them. Learn from them, spread the knowledge. Be truthful. Be helpful. Be kind. Celebrate your successes.

We are a tribe, we win as a team.

Move swiftly, create simplicity.

To reach our full potential it is vital that every team member own their actions. To own your actions is to embrace responsibility, show leadership and take initiative. To 'put our name on it' is also to take pride in everything we do – from our results to our customer service and quality of solutions. Do the things that matter most. Be fluid and flexible If you can solve a problem, solve it now. Optimise the important.

Design for scalability.

Bring your whole self

We are passionate about what we do and we work hard to deliver results. In saying that, we are serious about striking a healthy work/life balance. We know that our work improves as a result of feeling content both inside and out of the office and encourage the team to work the hours that suit their situation. We also believe flexibility and fresh thinking hold the key to future growth. It is up to each of us to champion new ideas and approach change with an open mind. Bring your personality Bring your quirks. Bring your diversity. Bring your smile

Enjoy the adventure.