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Shop for a week's worth of groceries in 30 seconds. With the growth of online grocery looming, Menud solves the most difficult consumer-facing problem - a problem that is stymieing the expected rapid takeoff of grocery eCommerce. Simply put, Menud helps online shoppers build grocery baskets faster, easier, and more conveinetly. Think about it this way: With the exception of online grocery, there is not a eCommerce user experience that requires a shopper to build a weekly 50-item cart in a single digital session. In under 30 seconds, Menud helps shoppers plan their week, review their basket, and schedule for deliver or pickup.

Food & BeverageSaaS
Nashville, TN


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Company Mission

Menud: Curated Meal Planning Technology Plan dinners and order your weeklygroceries in less than 30 seconds.
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