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Metonymy Media is an agency of creative writers dedicated to helping businesses and organizations communicate effectively for growth and success. They help their clients understand their audiences, capture their attention through creative work, and turn readers into growth opportunities. They’ve built their company on the foundation of the skills gained through creative writing education. As creative writers, we’re uniquely positioned to write in voices that aren’t their own, about subjects they haven’t yet explored, and with the skill to drive readers to understand, feel, and value exactly what their clients intend. They teach, they write, and they think strategically as a group to guarantee a consistent level of quality no individual writer can match. Importantly, it is their philosophy that writers are most successful when working closely with other writers on a team. In such an environment, writers support one another, they sharpen against each other, and they produce stronger, more consistent, and more prolific work. For this reason, we do not hire freelance writers or contract their work out to the lowest bidder. All of their writers work full-time out of their office in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. Creative writers telling your story, helping you grow. That’s Metonymy Media.

Indianapolis, IN


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