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Mimir LLC is an Indiana based edTech startup back by YCombinator and the Elevate Ventures Purdue Fund. Being able to write code is a powerful skill. Mimir Classroom provides the tools for instructors to efficiently teach Computer Science courses of any scale without compromising quality of education for students. Mimir Classroom makes grading effortless and instantaneous so you can get back to the important stuff. The platform supports 40+ languages and is currently deployed in over 70 Universities. You can monitor individual students or an entire classroom’s progress. Even more exciting is Mimir’s ability to identify specific points or concepts where student comprehension might be weak. Unfortunately plagiarism is a very serious problem in Computer Science courses. Mimir Classroom's configurable plagiarism detection system acts as a strong deterrent for those tempted to cheat. Here’s what you can expect after bringing Mimir to your students. Many schools that have deployed Mimir have seen an average 11% boost in final exam score and 93% of students wished Mimir was used in all of their Computer Science classes.

EducationInfo Tech
Indianapolis, IN
Less than $1M




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