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NetSpyGlass is an information technology company that offers cloud-based monitoring automation for web-scale, multi-vendor, and network operators. The company specializes in the fields of Network Monitoring and Network Automation. NetSpyGlass was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Info Tech
Los Gatos, CA




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Company Mission

NetSpyGlass is a fully-programmable, highly-scalable automation platform (SaaS) providing real-time network mapping, monitoring, visualization, analytics and much more for multi-vendor data center and WAN network operators. NetSpyGlass service is Massively scalable real-time monitoring with auto configuration, integration of maps and monitoring data, root-cause alerts and notifications. NetSpyGlass Service also Automatically discover network devices, build topology maps, monitor metrics, collect analytics, generate custom reports and dashboards.
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