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Project Rōnin is a mission to transform cancer care by helping doctors and patients make better-informed decisions about treatment. Our cancer intelligence software provides all the information physicians need, in one place, to assess patient care options and take action. We use predictive technology to present doctors with different scenarios that can help them further optimize care. And, we bring the patient voice to the physician by allowing patients to report symptoms, side effects, and disease progression information via our mobile app, enabling real-time symptom management and true shared decision making with the care team. Project Rōnin was founded by Dave Hodgson, one of the world’s leading architects of smart technology for doctors and patients; renowned cancer expert Dr. David Agus; serial health entrepreneur Rowan Chapman, PhD; and tech visionary Larry Ellison.

San Mateo, CA


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Company Mission

We are developing an end-to-end cancer care platform that helps doctors and patients make better-informed decisions about treatment, by surfacing all the relevant information they need to assess their options and take confident, decisive action.
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