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Rhino Health

Federated Computing that alleviates the need to share data

Boston, MA


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Company Mission

The Rhino Federated Computing Platform allows AI/data-science developers to collaborate without sharing data or compromising data privacy. The platform is powered by Federated Learning and distributed computing technologies, and uniquely adapted to deal with 'Real World Data' from clinical data systems. With this approach, AI models can quickly and continuously improve - learning from each new dataset and applying those learnings to the next, without requiring costly and risky data transfers. This accelerates creation and training of more accurate AI models that work consistently across different patient populations, which leads to more widespread adoption of advanced healthcare solutions. Headquartered in Boston, MA, with an R&D Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, Rhino Health is a growing team of healthcare and technology experts committed to accelerating creation and adoption of AI-based healthcare solutions for increasingly diverse patient populations. We are backed by a syndicate of investors including LionBird Ventures, Fusion Fund, Arkin Holdings, Maccabi Health Services, and Qiming Venture Partners.

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