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Salesvue started in 2006 as Jesubi LLC before rebranding itself last in 2013. A processed-based, sales enablement tool for users which helps sales executives increase their sales team productivity with easy to use software that drives adoption of best-practice prospecting methodologies and sales cycle workflows. The prospecting phase is the blind spot in most company's sales strategy as it occurs at the widest, least structured part of the sales funnel. It is an entirely ad-hoc set of activities and relies on the style and persistentcy traits of each and every individual sales person making their calls, their way, on their schedule. While pipeline reporting has evolved into a science, Salesvue is the first automation tool to enable strategic decision-making, using empirical data, to drive value in the critical prospecting phase of the sales cycle. Salesvue designs and delivers prospecting automation software that helps sales people sell more and makes sales managers more effective. Our native Salesforce AppX solution allows a company to strategically design and automatically deploy time-tested, field-validated prospecting methodologies. Our solution will increase a sales person’s daily calling throughput a minimum of 50% and will increase a sales management insight, using never-before-captured data analytics, on the best way to improve their entire team’s performance.

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