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SignalWire is the next stage in the evolution of Software-Defined Telecom started in 2005 with the FreeSWITCH open-source project. The primary goal is to create a worldwide network that can transport real-time communications over secure standards-based channels and make it all accessible to developers and businesses using simple SDKs and programming interfaces designed to be powerful but simple-to-use. Audio/Video applications can be built with SignalWire that run in the mobile browser with no additional software and allow an experience that can unlock communications with a virtual office, AI bots, PSTN termination, gateways to remote call centers, and much more. With the evolving mobile SDK, rich applications can be built as native apps and the other side of every call is not just a "room" but a full-fledged routable telecommunications backend with additional programmable control for every call. SignalWire is founded on the principle of work-from-anywhere dating back to the turn of the century and continues that tradition with a fully distributed workforce spanning 16 US states and 11 countries in nearly every inhabited time zone. This remote culture has helped to shape the way our products and services have evolved and have proved to be invaluable amid the pandemic crisis in 2020. The core of SignalWire is made up of several networked nodes transforming the computing power of its host system into IP-based telecommunications relays that are demand-driven and horizontally scalable. The breadth of the SignalWire technology ranges from mature interfaces like SIP and PSTN to state-of-the-art techniques in live video and HD audio. Unlike many "video chat" products and services, SignalWire goes well beyond basic capabilities and has dissected every moving part into programmable components that are on the bleeding edge of what is possible. SignalWire is evolving quickly into the first and only software-powered global telecommunications company delivering that as a service at the Infrastructure, Platform, and Application layer of today's communication stack landscape. Additionally, SignalWire is an active participant in the development and furthering of the standards on which the Internet relies for all of its real-time communications techniques.

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SignalWire is an API and Products platform bringing broadcast and enterprise grade communications to anyone around the world.Come be part of the best remote collaboration tools with SignalWire Work, experience SignalWire Events and feel what truly interactive online events are all about, or build your own amazing applications on our low latency, global network of Audio, Video, and Messaging APIs.
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