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Virtual reality is finally on the verge of its breakthrough. This represents a huge opportunity not only for gaming, but also for immersive video. Over the history of entertainment, each new media format to emerge has represented a step forward in immersion and presence. Immersive video is arguably the culmination of this evolution, a media format in which consuming content is becoming indistinguishable from having real life experiences. Vrideo was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Alex Rosenfeld and Kuangwei Hwang to address the needs of the growing community of producers looking to distribute immersive video and the growing audience of consumers looking to discover immersive video. We're building a centralized, streaming, hardware-agnostic, and independent platform for immersive video.

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Vrideo is a fast growing virtual reality start-up building a centralized, streaming, hardware-agnostic, andindependent platform for the discovery and distribution of immersive video.
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