If I were a Twitter employee, here’s what I’d be thinking right now…

Elon Musk is the new head honcho. He’s demanding employees work 24/7 and has publicly announced plans to lay off at least 25% of the staff. So I have just one question:

Who is hiring?

Unfortunately, job opportunities don’t look much better at other Big Tech companies in the Bay Area.

“Silicon Valley is seeing layoffs across the board for the first time since 2008,” said tech analyst Dan Ives in a recent interview with Insider. And for those who stay at Big Tech companies, larger work output and productivity increases are being demanded of those who want to keep their jobs.

Luckily, the tech industry today is so much bigger than the Bay Area. 

There are thousands of tech companies in the “Mighty Middle” that are growing quickly, have great company culture, and are hiring. But because of the large geographic area and complex ecosystems, professionals still lack the connections and guides to navigate new networks of opportunity beyond the Bay Area. Until now…

Today, Powderkeg is launching a new job board with more than one thousand jobs at some of the best tech companies based in fast-growing communities like Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami, and Denver.  

These tech hubs have amazing cultures and so much untapped potential. And now you can find tech jobs from award-winning startups growing beyond Silicon Valley on Powderkeg’s new job board.

“Perhaps years ago, a promising tech startup spun out of a state university in the middle of America may have felt the need to relocate to Silicon Valley,” said CompTIA chief solutions officer Nancy Hammervik in a recent interview.  “Today, that firm may feel confident in scaling their business from where they started.”

You can find tech jobs from award-winning tech companies growing beyond Silicon Valley on Powderkeg’s new job board. Explore Tech Jobs >>