The tech community is talking this week with news of CB Insights’ annual list of the 100 most promising AI companies in the world. Their research team chose the winners based on factors like R&D activity, market potential, competitive analysis, and team strength.

You can view a cool graphic of the winners from the CBI website. Here’s a sampling of some of the Unvalley companies that made the cut:

  • AMP Robotics (Louisville, CO) – creates AI-based robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of the current technology.
  • DeepSig (Arlington, VA) – an early-stage startup that develops deep learning software to reinvent wireless communications.
  • Ghost (Denver, CO) – the only self-driving system so capable you can focus your attention elsewhere. 
  • INKY (College Park, MD) – a cyber-security company that secures email against phishing.
  • Lexion (Maryland Heights, MO) – an AI-powered contract management startup.
  • Pryon (Raleigh, NC) – an AI company focused on Augmented Intelligence for the enterprise.

To learn more about why the middle of the country is primed for AI innovation, check out the conversation between Alan Berube of Brookings Institute and the hosts of the Flyover Future podcast.

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