There is one problem that most entrepreneurs seem to face: a lack of funding to start their business. Regardless of whether you are working on an MVP in a garage, or writing code for an app in a local cafe, raising capital is never easy. But once you have raised the capital you need, how do you create and build a skilled team to reach your mission? And how do you build the right type of company culture, one that makes every team member inspired to collaborate and do their best work?

In this episode of the Igniting Startups podcast, you’ll hear from two leaders about the importance of raising capital and how it can contribute to company culture. The first is Nicole Wallace, Principal and Director at mAccounting, an Indianapolis based firm that provides outsourced accounting and CFO services to small and mid-sized companies. Joining Nicole is Yarkin Sakucoglu, Co-founder and CEO of Socio Labs, a venture-backed SaaS company that helps small businesses and large enterprises like Google, Microsoft and Electronic Arts optimize their events.

In this interview, Nicole and Yarkin discuss where an entrepreneur’s focus should be, how that can affect your raise, and how to use the capital you raise to create and develop a positive company culture that attracts and retains great talent. Tune in for more!

In this episode with Nicole Wallace and Yarkin Sakucoglu, you’ll learn:

  • Where an entrepreneurs focus should be when raising capital.
  • What is company culture and why it should be a top priority for founders
  • How Yarkin was able to raise capital and grow Socio’s culture.
  • What Nicole and Yarkin look for to see if someone fits the company mindset.

Please enjoy this conversation with Nicole Wallace and Yarkin Sakucoglu!


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What stood out most to you about what Nicole and Yarkin share in this podcast?

For me, it’s the importance of having a strong company culture.

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