If you’ve seen any of the buzz that’s been circulating the internet the last few years, you might think that tech company culture is all about catered lunches, ping pong tables and allowing dogs in the office. (Which totally misses the mark, but more on that later.) So does this mean that every company that has these perks has a great culture, or that more traditionally structured companies will never have a positive culture? Not at all! 

Having a great company culture has a lot more to do with leadership than beer-on-tap. And company culture isn’t just important for employees, it’s important for the bottom line too. Research from Gallup shows that companies that prioritize culture have 60% lower turnover, 10% happier customers, and 20% more sales than those that don’t. So what’s the best way to align company culture with your values and goals? And what can you do to ensure that everyone in the organization feels valued and respected?

For this week’s episode of the Igniting Startups podcast, we wanted to try something a little different. We asked 10 different CEOs, executives, and other leaders around the Powderkeg community “What is company culture?” to hear their perspective company culture: what it’s made of, how to build it, and what to look for when you’re interviewing for a new role. Tune in for more!

In this special Powderkeg episode, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to build company culture
  • What to look for in a company’s culture during a job interview
  • The bottom-line value of company culture
  • How core values relate to company culture
  • Methods to keep your culture authentic and organic  
  • What is culture fit, and how to find it  

Please enjoy this conversation!

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What stood out most to you in this podcast?

For me, it’s how core values relate to company culture.

You? Leave a comment below.


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