Company culture can be the lifeblood of your company, it can inspire and fuel the great talent that is your team. But you have to be able to maintain that level of inspiration to keep your team engaged. Just recently, a 142-country Gallup report showed that 63% of employees are not engaged in their work and another 24% are actively disengaged, leaving a mere 13% of workers who are engaged at work. Simply put, 900 million employees are not engaged and 340 million are actively disengaged across the world. So how do you inspire the disengaged people to become engaged? And how do you grow a company culture that is thriving, successful, and engaging for all employees? 

On today’s episode, we talk with Scott Johnson, a tech entrepreneur, startup mentor, and angel investor who has years of experience as a leader and executive starting and leading numerous companies of his own. Scott is the Chairman and Founder of project management software company Workfront and is also the Founder of Motivosity, an employee recognition software platform that improves employee engagement and builds company culture. 

In this episode, you’ll get to hear Scott share his thoughts and ideas on how companies can successfully build and develop thriving and engaging cultures. You’ll also get to hear his view and thoughts on the tech scene in the Salt Lake City area. Tune in for more!

In this episode with Scott Johnson, you’ll learn:

  • Scott’s experience through entrepreneurship and leadership roles
  • What it takes to build a great culture
  • How to inspire employees to embrace your company culture 
  • What the tech culture is like in Salt Lake City area

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What stood out most to you about what Scott Johnson shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to inspire employees to embrace your company culture.

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