We’re back with another special Pitch Night episode! This time, we’re exploring what successful tech disruption looks like in an industry not typically known for innovation or adoption of new technology: food and beverage, or F&B. Specifically, can technology show us how to pour a beer better?

There’s far more at stake than maximizing the taste of your favorite brew. The average draft beer system delivers a surprisingly inefficient pour. About 30 percent of every keg is wasted on average, adding up to nearly $2 billion in wasted beer each year. Josh Springer, founder and CEO of Bottoms Up Beer, invented brand new technology to fix this problem.

As the name implies, Bottoms Up’s innovative draft beer dispenser fill glasses from the bottom, through a special magnetically-sealed hole in the base. The result? Beers can be “poured” faster and hands-free, waste is cut to about two percent, and businesses increase their venue by 30 percent.

Josh presented this unique (and funny) pitch on how to pour a beer that maximizes profit at a recent Powderkeg event cohosted with Cintrifuse. We’ve once again included the follow-up Q&A with the evening’s advisors in this episode of the podcast. On top of providing a few laughs, it should illustrate the huge potential for tech disruption in the food and beverage space and other traditionally non-tech industries.

In this episode with Josh Springer of Bottoms Up Beer, you’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with the way every restaurant and bar serves beer.
  • How Bottoms Up increases its customers’ revenues by 30% or higher.
  • The unique opportunity for advertisers that’s built into every Bottoms Up glass.

Please enjoy this special episode with a pitch from Bottoms Up Beer CEO Josh Springer!


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What stood out most to you about what Josh share in this podcast?

For me, it’s the unique opportunity for advertisers that’s built into every Bottoms Up glass.

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