Today’s episode is a recording of a live fireside chat with two amazing guests who flew in from the Valley and Portland, Maine to be here. This is the third of our Innovation Series in partnership with Kenzie Academy, a design and coding school right here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Before we begin the discussion with our guests, Chok Ooi, the founder of Kenzie Academy introduces the brand new General Manager of Kenzie Academy, Danielle McDowell. Chok and Danielle will update us on the amazing things going on at Kenzie Academy and tell us what’s new.

Now, let’s meet our fireside guests…

First up is Ian Peters-Campbell. Ian has an inspiring story having gone from being kicked out of high school and being homeless to a very successful career in tech. His background includes Mobile & Web Development, Enterprise Architecture, AI/Big Data, Business Intelligence, QA, and more. He got his start in tech as an intern at Napster. Since then, he’s worked with companies like Loopt, Green Dot, and Stickbuilt. He is now VP, Global Platform Services at WEX and living in Portland, Maine after spending his professional career in the Valley.

Our next guest is Jayesh Sureshchandra. Jayesh has an extensive background in engineering and leading engineering teams, working with several Silicon Valley companies. He was one of the first developers at Salesforce, where he helped build the program. He has spent the last 6 years as at Duetto, focusing on using data analytics to optimize hotel revenue. Jayesh is now managing a global team at Duetto as their VP of Engineering.

In this episode with Ian Peters-Campbell and Jayesh Sureshchandra, you’ll learn:  

  • How to stand out as a software developer today
  • What the future looks like for software developer jobs
  • How the role of software developer changing
  • The best ways to increase salary as a software developer
  • Some of the best ways to continue to learn and hone the craft of programming
  • Some of the lesser known expectations/duties of a software developer
  • The most important skills needed to be an exceptional software developer
  • How to make the transition from individual contributor to team leader

Please enjoy this conversation with Ian Peters-Campbell and Jayesh Sureshchandra!


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Ian Peters-Campbell and Jayesh Sureshchandra quotes from this episode of Powderkeg:

Interested in learning to code?

Thanks again to Kenzie Academy, our founding partner on this live podcast Innovation series. Kenzie is a tech and coding school focused on apprenticeship as a way to skill-up the next generation of the tech workforce. And, you can hire the students straight out of graduation! Learn more at

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What stood out most to you about what Ian or Jayesh shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to stand out as a software developer today.

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