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Jordan Wirsz manages more than $100 million of real estate investments through his role as CEO at Savant Investment Partners. But his rise to the top was not a direct path.

Wirsz is a nationally recognized real estate expert who has been recognized by members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, Nevada state government, and has been featured on numerous national television networks including CNBC, NBC, and Fox News.

But today, we go a little off-script and go deep on business philosophy.

Wirsz has been a real estate investor and investment manager in many areas across the United States, which includes commercial and residential assets, development and office projects, and  industrial properties.

Wirsz was awarded the prestigious “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award by the Small Business Administration in 2007.

Wirsz is also a an accomplished author of the books Maverick Millionaire and Become Incredible, both of which are available on Amazon and where books are sold. You can find him on Twitter (@JordanWirsz), at his personal website, and on his company website Savant Investments.


In this episode with Jordan Wirsz you’ll learn:

  • About Jordan’s first business deal (3:40)
  • About Jordan’s first failed investment (5:12)
  • How Jordan opened his company, “Extreme Aviation” (6:31)
  • Attitudes on persevering after failed investments. (8:55)
  • About Jordan’s mentality of responsibility after going through a large failed investment (11:44)
  • Jordan’s thoughts of the risks of leading an expensive lifestyle (15:59)
  • Tips from Jordan for first time entrepreneurs (20:18)
  • How to build relationships with people through the work that you do (24:59)
  • Responding to emails promptly is key to gaining trust from investors (26:30)
  • How to be more organized and increase productivity (27:30)
  • Practice is more important than technology (29:17)
  • Motivation without knowledge can be hurtful (32:05)
  • Why quality is greater than quantity in terms of learning (34:22)
  • Why separating your business time from your leisure time is important (37:17)
  • The importance of “recharging” every now and again. (40:25)
  • Jordan’s published books (45:05)

Please enjoy!

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Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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Maverick Millionaire, 2007

Become Incredible, 2010


Savant Investment Group

Savant Report

Connect with Jordan Wirsz




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For me, it’s the importance of “recharging” every now and again.

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