Max Yoder is a lifelong learner and trailblazer and he knows that clearly-defined processes empower employees to level-up their quality of work from average to exceptional.

Yoder is the cofounder and CEO of Lessonly, a software platform that lets companies capture internal knowledge, best practices, and team policies as searchable and assignable step-by-step lessons. Lessonly currently helps half a million users from hundreds of companies learn the processes they need to excel in their work.

Yoder shares some of his most valuable insights on team building, team learning, and building a great company culture. Our conversation exposes how feats that look like magic are just processes, why you need to have difficult conversations with your teammates, how to be a great team player, and how to worry less and view challenges as opportunities.

We recorded this episode of Powderkeg with the help of our partners, Edge Media Studios, based in Indianapolis. And Max and I brought a few musical instruments with us to the studio, so make sure you check out the part where Max teaches me one of his latest songs he wrote.

I had a blast recording this episode with Max. He’s a very down-to-earth guy with a great sense of humor who loves helping others succeed, and I’m honored he took the time to chat. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram, and enjoy the episode.

In this episode with Max Yoder, you’ll learn:

  • How to approach things that look like magic and turn them into processes (7:25)
  • How to be an effective team player (9:22)
  • His three best culture tips for small teams (12:40)
  • The power of hiring the right teammates (17:58)
  • How the right investors will guide your business to success (24:56)
  • Why you should stop worrying and view challenges as opportunities (27:00)

Please enjoy this conversation with Max Yoder!

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Max Yoder Quotes from This Episode of Powderkeg:

“There’s so many things in the world that look like magic, when in reality, they’re a process.” — Max Yoder

“Nobody can perfect anything in a vacuum. It’s all about making sure you get out of the vacuum fast.” — Max Yoder

“When you have vulnerability and appreciation as the bedrocks, you can have candor. If you don’t have those things, candor really feels bad to people.” — Max Yoder

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What stood out most to you about what Max shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to be an effective team player.

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