Sam Parr retired with over $20 Million by age 31, just a few years after losing his job offer at AirBNB. In this interview, Sam goes deep into his journey to share his biggest lessons learned while creating an impressive career and company. 

Parr is the founder of The Hustle, a daily newsletter providing an entertaining delivery of the latest news in business and tech. He was born in Missouri, grew up in Tennessee, and moved to San Francisco after graduating from college. His media company The Hustle was acquired by Hubspot in 2021 for a reported $25-30 million dollars. 

In today’s episode of UNVALLEY with Sam Parr you’ll learn:

  • 7:30 Which Midwest values lay the foundation for Sam’s successful career in tech
  • 14:05 The simple writing technique that helped Sam create enormous opportunities in his career
  • 28:30 How to optimize your career for success, even if you don’t have money or connections
  • 42:30 Why Sam is investing in real estate in Unvalley tech hubs like Austin 

UNVALLEY is the show for tech leaders that want to unlock their full potential and connect with the biggest opportunities in tech beyond Silicon Valley. 

In this episode, you will learn from Sam on: 

  1. High risk high reward. When to take risks and how to calculate the ROI. 
  2. Train hard win easy. Sam shares his best advice for building a successful career in tech. 
  3. Knowledge time travel. Sam shares his knowledge post sale of The Hustle to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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