Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown are the world’s leading experts on growth hacking. The two first worked together at Qualaroo, a marketing SaaS solution they grew to millions in recurring revenue before Ellis sold the company in 2016.

At the same time they were working on Qualaroo, they were also building a community of innovative marketers on Ellis’ GrowthHackers website. With Brown serving as the interim Head of Growth, the duo built GrowthHackers into a definitive learning platform, software solution, and talent pool for companies that want to supercharge their growth.

Ellis and Brown sat down with me to chat all things growth hacking. In our conversation, they explain why marketing is crucial for startups, detail how they built the GrowthHackers community through hard work and commitment, and illustrate the transformational impact successful growth hacking can have on your business.

If you’d like to dig deeper into growth hacking tips and strategies, you should check out Ellis and Brown’s upcoming book on the subject, Hacking Growth, which is scheduled to be released on April 25. They’ll also be speaking at the GrowthHackers Conference 2017 on May 24 alongside the Heads of Growth from high-profile companies like Spotify, Pandora, Uber, and more. Finally, I highly recommend GrowthHackers’ GrowthMaster Training Course, which you can enroll in at a special discounted rate by visiting

In this episode with Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown, you’ll learn:

  • Why marketing makes or breaks startups (4:31)
  • How great business partnerships can begin unexpectedly (9:14)
  • Tips for making big business decisions (23:17)
  • The hard work and dedication required to build a community (29:49)
  • Hacking Growth’s playbook for companies looking to scale (35:19)
  • How growth hacking principles created a breakthrough for LogMeIn (40:10)

Please enjoy this conversation with Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown!



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For me, it’s the hard work and dedication required to build a community.

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