Imagine you’ve founded a business and led it to profitability. Your growth plan is working, your company culture is strong, and there’s a clear path to sustained prosperity. But you discover another business owner whose vision complements yours. Then you meet, and slowly the idea of joining forces becomes a real possibility. Do you stay the course, or explore a deal?

That scenario mirrors the one Tom Gabbert, founder and managing director of mAccounting, and Jessica Mah, founder and CEO of inDinero, found themselves in. Each had developed a healthy respect for what the other was building, yet it took time navigate if it made sense to bring their companies. For starters, one was a software company, the other a services company. One was headquartered in the Midwest, the other on the West Coast.

But for Jessica and Tom, the potential synergies (not to mention culture fit) made it worth navigating such obstacles. On today’s episode, they discuss how their visions intersected, and what excited each of them about their companies joining forces.

In this episode with Jessica Mah and Tom Gabbert, you’ll learn:

  • How Jessica Mah first pitched inDinero to investors, and how her vision evolved after.
  • How technology and outsourcing have rapidly changed the accounting industry.
  • What impressed Tom Gabbert so much about Jessica Mah and inDinero.
  • Why inDinero, a software company, felt it made sense to acquire a services company.
  • Why you should focus on your vision, not what you think investors will like.
  • The synergies of mAccounting and inDinero, and how culture fit impacts a merger.
  • How outsourced financial services help companies stay exit- and transaction-ready.

Please enjoy this conversation with Jessica Mah and Tom Gabbert!

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What stood out most to you about what Jessica and Tom shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s the synergies of mAccounting and inDinero, and how culture fit impacts a merger.

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