Last week on the show, we heard some insight into what a tight-knit company culture looks like. This week we will be getting some insight on how a company can preserve this culture on a large scale. On today’s episode of Powderkeg Igniting Startups, we welcome three entrepreneurs and human resources specialists to share how they get companies ready to expand, and how they keep culture thriving as the company grows.

First we have Co-Founder of Jana Fuelberth. She originally started in payroll sales, but quickly found herself trying to solve problems that would rise in the market. The technical side of wasn’t yet ready, but Fuelberth had a strong understanding of the market and where her company was going to fit. Kronos, in a partnership with, is helping the company thrive.

Next we have Zach Linder, who’s currently the Vice President of Analytics and Machine Learning at Canvas, a software for text-based interviewing. Linder originally came on to work at a 50 person consulting firm. When the firm went from 50 to 250, he needed to find a way to hire the right people. Linder works on the technical side of things. He makes programs that streamline the hiring process, while acquiring the ideal candidates.

Lastly we have Heather Haas, president of ADVISA. Haas began her career as a teacher. After a little soul searching, a predictive index placed her in a position to help train people in leadership roles. After a few years she was able to find a leadership role for herself. At ADVISA she helps over 300 companies optimize talent in the most efficient way possible.

In this episode we will learn what the employment market looks like today. More importantly we will be getting three unique perspectives on what techniques and technologies are optimizing the employment process.

In this episode with Jana Fuelberth, Heather Haas, and Zach Linder, you’ll learn:  

  • How to convey your company culture
  • What biases you need to avoid when interviewing a candidate  
  • The difference between liking a client, and them fitting well with the work  
  • What issues can arise between generations at a workplace
  • When to trust and when to ditch the data
  • How the Midwest stands out

Please enjoy this conversation with Jana Fuelberth, Heather Haas, and Zach Linder!

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What stood out most to you about what Jana, Heather & Zach share in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to convey your company culture.

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