As states across the US consider plans to reopen, businesses and tech entrepreneurs continue to lead community responses that are amazing in their innovation and compassion. Here’s some stories from Tacoma, Baltimore, Denver, Durham, Tampa Bay, and Houston that represent the incredible growth taking place across the US.

Top Stories

Β Digital Wish Lists Maximize Grassroots Support
Tacoma, WA

Social support platform Give InKind was founded in 2016 by CEO Laura Malcom. After experiencing a traumatic event, she wanted to find a way to translate her real needs to friends and family. The resulting website lets people request needed items through a wish list, while others can answer those needs with donations. After seeing 20% month-over-month growth last year, the COVID crisis is spurring the platform to new heights. Across the US, hospitals and other organizations are using the tool to communicate their needs to the people who want to help.

Machine Learning Meets Healthcare Staffing Shortage
Baltimore, MD

Michael Rosenbaum founded Arena in 2015 after his career showed him all the ways hiring could be done better. He drew on decades of analytics experience to help organizations across industries make better hiring decisions and reduce turnover. Seeing the frozen economy coupled with many unemployed workers, Rosenbaum has donated Arena’s machine learning power to match individuals from all industry backgrounds with healthcare jobs where they are needed nowβ€”and have a statistical likelihood to thrive.

Denver CEOs Defined Distancing Before It Was Cool
Denver, CO

Back in mid-March, CEO and founder of Ibotta Bryan Leach got more than 30 of his fellow tech company CEOs to make a combined effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the Denver and Boulder metro areas. These steps included moves like getting employees to work remotely, restricting work travel, not accepting on-site meetings, and encouraging their vendors to do the same. Moves to provide supplies and resources to healthcare orgs and non-profits were also in the works.

Support Desks Need COVID Support Too
Durham, NC

Boostopia took their tool for support and help desk managers public just in time to help these professionals survive an unprecedented crisis. It has always been important for support teams and help desks to track tickets, set goals, and rearrange priorities. But with many companies now relying on a remote workforce, IT professionals need backup more than ever. Boostopia’s β€œSupport Operation Audit” provides free audits to companies that need to find support department efficiencies, identify needs for training, and quickly save money without sacrificing customer or employee experience.

Startup Accelerator Helps Members Stay Afloat
Tampa Bay, FL

Tampa Bay Wave is a startup accelerator and coworking space supporting 81 startups during the pandemic. With over 1,000 jobs at stake, the organization has started the Rising Tide Relief Fund to offer its members cash infusions that help them survive the crisis. Startups will be asked to repay the loans so the fund can be maintained against future disasters that impact the community.

These are just some of the amazing stories happening around us every day. If you know a company, organization, individual, or project that has β€œsparked” your inspiration or community, let us know and listen in for the shoutout!

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