A talented co-founder can be an incredible asset to an entrepreneur, providing a second set of shoulders to bear the responsibilities of business and a second opinion to test ideas against. The right co-founder can compliment your strengths, compensate for your weaknesses and make every aspect of the company better than you could make it by yourself.

But don’t just take my word from it. Instead, listen to business partners, Scott Hill and Andy Medley, co-founders of the marketing tech company, PERQ. In the last episode of the Powderkeg Podcast (that’s episode 42 for those keeping count), I talked with Scott about his strength as a visionary with unique ability to see business opportunities where others can’t. Medley, on the other hand, is a masterful integrator who harnesses Hill’s visionary ideas into detailed and effective business plans. The two have leveraged their individual strengths to build PERQ into an innovative, world-class tech company in Indianapolis, IN.

For this interview with Scott and Andy, I’m joined by my own business partner and the CMO of Powderkeg, Kevin Bailey. Together, we probe the PERQ cofounders for insights into their business partner relationship and get some incredible strategies for maximizing the benefits of any business partnership. Our guests share everything from advice on developing your roles as founders to tips for handling leadership disagreements and the inevitable days when you’re both feeling burnt out.

I hope this episode teaches you a few invaluable lessons on harnessing the power of your co-founder or business partner relationship. Enjoy the show, and then give a shout to Scott “The Cheetah” Hill and Andy “The Horse” Medley on Twitter (@bizgamer and @andymedley, respectively) to show your appreciation for their advice and expertise!

In this episode with Scott Hill and Andy Medley, you’ll learn:

  • The ways a co-founder relationship can help each person develop their role (6:49)
  • How Scott and Andy work together as visionary and integrator (13:30)
  • Strategies for co-founders to deal with disagreements, bad days and burnout (23:17)
  • Advice for building and maintaining an outstanding company culture (34:06)
  • The importance of discipline and having a “harness” for your vision (38:55)
  • Why education and guidance are essential elements of continual business growth (45:14)

Please enjoy this conversation with Scott Hill and Andy Medley!

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What stood out most to you about what Scott Hill share in this podcast?

For me, it’s the ways a co-founder relationship can help each person develop their role.

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