Big D had a big May. If you’re looking for successful startup companies that are producing dinosaur robots, working to fight cancer, or simplifying homeownership, Dallas is where you want to be.

The Dallas/Fort Worth startup community had an exceptionally busy month in May, with 11 startups finding funding and 10 local firms making additional deals.

Hot companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area right now include:

Done., a Los Angeles-based digital marketing firm and website-building platform, recognized the potential of the city’s tech ecosystem, and moved the production side of their company to DFW last year so they could continue to expand.

The nonprofit DEC Network supports tech growth in the Dallas area by helping freelancers, early or growth stage founders, small business owners, and community advocates in North Texas through mentorship, community, and education. 

The links above are a great place to start, but if you’re looking for your next opportunity or want to know more about making DFW your home, check out the Top Companies and Startups in Dallas page on our site.