Labor markets in emerging tech hubs are tight. Some states are struggling to fill open jobs right now, as the uneven recovery from the pandemic continues. 

ZipRecruiter reported tight labor markets in the Plains, northern New England, and the Mountain West, with three open positions for every unemployed job seeker in those areas in April.

In other areas that were slower to ease pandemic restrictions, including traditional tech hub New York City, the labor gap is less acute.

Shining the light. The labor shortage means rising tech hubs are working hard to recruit top talent by showcasing the biggest benefits and perks of working for their companies, including remote work arrangements.

Communities are getting creative in their efforts to woo workers, including last week’s Talent Tour with the Rise of the Rest. The virtual jobs event featured more than 1,000 open positions as well as spotlights on Unvalley cities like Phoenix, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Denver. Check out a recap of the event. 

And on June 23rd, nonprofit One America Works hosted a unique City Pitch Series event, a competition-like way to show tech professionals new options for where they might live and work. The City Pitch event spotlighted Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Columbus, Ohio. 

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