Right now, Katy Perry’s coin is priced over $18 million. Elon Musk’s social token is worth more than $81 million. Want to invest in either of them? You should probably understand a little more about BitClout first.

BitClout is a new kind of social network on a blockchain that lets you speculate on celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, or other creators, based on their reputation. 

BitClout’s white paper says, “Creator coins are naturally scarce, with generally fewer than 100 to 1,500 coins in existence for each profile. This is because as more people buy a profile’s creator coin, the price of the coin goes up automatically at a faster and faster rate…eventually, it would take billions of dollars to mint even one more coin.”

While there are some detractors bringing up concerns about BitClout, many investors and tech leaders are excited about this new crypto social network. In fact, investors already include like Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Winklevoss Capital, and the like.

This emerging platform is decentralized, so additional applications can be built on top of it – meaning lots of potential opportunities for Unvalley professionals and founders. 

BitClout has the potential to reach beyond just “influencers” and could empower everyday professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and everyone in between. This new kind of social network might be a way to better incentivize long-term thinking, accountability, and integrity.

We’ll likely continue to follow this story. But if BitClout’s potential impact on social currency is interesting to you, be sure to check out our Best Companies for Career Growth.