Our executive community was back in person for the first time since March of 2020. We brought 5 leaders from some of the most dynamic tech companies in the Unvalley on stage to share about leading through change and their insights were too good not to share.

Today’s “in-between-esode” highlights five leaders and their stories from the frontlines.

“Every single one of us in this room is better for the last three years,” said Casted CEO Lindsay Tjepkema as she looked out into the audience from the stage.

You are going to hear practical advice from;

The Powderkeg team has been hard at work finding more ways to share stories, lessons, and insights from across the Unvalley. (More on that coming in December.)

One CEO opened a 50-acre innovation community during the first year of the pandemic. She proceeded to lead her organization through the biggest mass-adoption of remote work ever.

Another CEO started their company less than a year ago from his home office. 

One even wrote a book chronicling the whole journey!

In this episode with 5 CEOs from the community, you’ll learn:

  1. Practice. Storytelling is an art form. Practice with friends, family, and team members.
  2. Start with your message. What is the core moral or takeaway you want your team, family, or friends to understand? Simplify your message until you can write it down in a single statement.
  3. Share your struggle. A story with a challenge isn’t interesting. And stories resonate most when the listener can come away with a deeper belief in themselves. Make the audience the hero. The rewards are worth it.

Please enjoy this conversation!

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