Know someone looking for a new gig? The economy is unpredictable right now, but startups in the middle of the country are still hiring. Below are a few of our Top Powderkeg Picks.

Companies who are hiring:

Austin, TX
Cerebri AI, a startup that uses AI and machine learning to improve customer relations for companies, is hiring a Data Scientist, Full stack Developers, an AI Engineer and more.

Chicago, IL
ActiveCampaign, a Chicago-based email marketing software company, is hiring a Data Analytics Engineer, Front End Engineer (Automation) and an MS Dynamics 365 Software Engineer.

Braviant Holdings, an online consumer lending company, is hiring a Director of Growth Marketing, Sr. Product Manager (Growth) and a Senior Software Engineer.

G2, a business software review platform, is hiring a Head of Product Marketing, Hubspot Web Developer, and Senior Software Engineer.

Cranberry Township, PA
TrueCommerce, a provider of EDI solutions to small and mid-tier companies, is hiring a Technical Support I, Software Sales Account Manager, and an Integration Specialist I.

Indianapolis, IN
Blackink IT, a best-in-class technology and services that delivers reliable IT solutions and business strategies, is hiring an SQL Developer, Infrastructure Engineer, and a Service Technician.

Covideo, a simple solution video outreach platform, is hiring an Account Executive and Sales Development Representative.

Greenlight Guru, a quality management software platform designed specifically for medical device companies, is hiring an Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, Software Engineers and more.

St. Louis, MO
Gadellnet, a St. Louis and Indianapolis-based IT consulting group, is hiring an Account Manager, Strategic IT Consultant, Technical Support Engineers and more.

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