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The Environmental Compliance Platform

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Indianapolis, IN




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Company Mission

Encamp believes that environmental teams should have a unified platform, across all their facilities, in all 50 states.

This is not how it works today.

Companies are being forced to use multiple systems like Excel, SharePoint, binders, and email to keep their environmental programs in compliance.

None of these systems speaks to one another.

In today's world, companies try to solve this by overpaying consultants or overworking their internal teams. They struggle constantly to remain on top of ever-changing state and federal requirements

With those approaches, something is missing.

There is no way to keep track of every task, regulation, due date, and status of what needs to be done to stay in compliance.

That's exactly what we're building at Encamp.
What do you like most about your team?

Working at Encamp is unique because everyone that is here is a top performer, and we hold ourselves to a very high standard. It pushes me to get better every day.


Director of Sales Enablement

Leadership Team

Core Values


  • We think big
  • We seek truth, not comfort
  • We share before we're ready
  • We write and speak clearly and concisely
  • We are not impressed by your credentials


  • Solve real problems
  • Reason from first principles
  • Learn fast
  • Use freedom to take ownership
  • Build the dream team

Social Responsibility

  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity

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