The “Millennial Mentor” Gerard Adams is a thought leader for his generation and is rapidly becoming a role model for young entrepreneurs around the world.

You probably know Adams as the co-founder of Elite Daily, an online news platform and the “Voice of Generation Y,” which sold to DMG Media for $50 million in January 2015. After leaving the company, Adams did some soul searching and started Fownders, a coworking accelerator in Newark, New Jersey. The Fownders program focuses not only on scaling businesses from idea to profitability, but also on developing each entrepreneur’s emotional intelligence, social skills, and leadership abilities.

Adams aspires to be a true mentor to his peers, not just another businessperson selling the entrepreneurial lifestyle on social media. He comes from humble beginnings and has seen his share of highs and lows, which makes him very relatable to young entrepreneurs. In our interview, he explains why he is passionate about giving back to his community and empowering others, shares his best tips for authentically building an audience, and illustrates the power millennials have to shape the future.

Adams is an active voice on social media. I highly recommend checking out his Instagram and Twitter profiles @GerardAdams, as well as his outstanding YouTube show, Leaders Create Leaders. My thanks go out to Adams for coming on the show, and I hope you find our interview as inspirational and insightful as I did.

In this episode with Gerard Adams, you’ll learn:

  • How his big exit inspired him to become a mentor to other entrepreneurs (12:07)
  • Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to give back to their community (19:42)
  • Best practices for building an audience (22:38)
  • The power millennials have to shape the future (26:30)
  • How a huge failure can lead to new opportunities (33:47)
  • What makes the Fownders program so unique (41:50)

Please enjoy this conversation with Gerard Adams!



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For me, it’s how he bootstrapped Emma from idea to profitability.

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