Shorter weeks, less stress. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

The move toward remote work coupled with conversations about combating employee burnout are causing more companies to consider moving to a 4-day workweek.

The BBC reported that a trial run of a 4-day week in Iceland was a runaway success, with workers shortening their hours but maintaining (or even improving) productivity in the majority of workplaces. 

Icelandic workers said they felt less stressed, and reported their work-life balance had improved, with more time to spend with their families and take care of household responsibilities. 

Is it time for a U.S. 4-day? Now more American companies are experimenting with alternative workweek arrangements and there’s even a bill in Congress proposing a 32-hour weekly standard. 

How the Best Startups Are Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

If a 4-day workweek is your dream, look for opportunities with one of these companies:

  • Edify – A global cloud-based communications platform based in Santa Monica, California and Fishers, Indiana.
  • ADVISA – A leadership development company based in Indianapolis.
  • GooseChase – An online scavenger hunt platform based in Ontario.
  • – A postgres-compatible database company based in Durham, North Carolina that handles data security, maintenance, and updates.
  • Volt Athletics – Seattle-based AI-powered training system that delivers customized training workouts for users.
  • Uncharted – A digital insurance platform that enables transactions between insurance companies, distributors, and brokers.
  • Administrate – A training management platform for enterprises and corporations that is based in Bozeman, Montana.
  • 3D Issue – A digital publishing platform based in Donegal, Ireland.

But a 4-day workweek isn’t the only option for companies that want to help employees improve work-life balance.

Other potential perks include things like establishing set working hours (and allowing workers to fully unplug in their off hours), setting flexible deadlines, providing on-site childcare, and offering concierge services to help employees with errands. 

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