Startups consider countless opportunities before getting a strong foothold in their market. They look for what products their audience wants, and why they don’t have it already. A lot of time can be spent researching, building and figuring the best course for product development. In the end the people making all these new ideas possible deserve a little recognition as well. This is where company culture comes into play.

On this episode of Powderkeg: Igniting Startups we have Jason Price, Co-Founder and President of Covideo right here in Indianapolis. Price started his ventures during college at Purdue University with one question: “How can I start making product for the people”? His first company was a food delivery service that catered to Purdue students. After that he started a number of companies, and learned when it was a good time to pause one project and begin another.

In this episode Jason Price shares how to build a community at work. Along with getting the inside scoop on how a friendly work environment can cure a good case of the Mondays, you’ll learn how this can help a company flourish. Price has found that because his co-workers bond together outside of work, they care more about what they accomplish during business hours.  

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In this episode with Jason Price, you’ll learn:

  • How to read the market.
  • Scaling the company through good and bad times.
  • How to find your core values.
  • What to look for when deciding if someone fits into the culture.
  • The importance of a strong company culture looks like.
  • Why it is important to fit into a community versus showing up just to work.
  • How to keep company culture engaged as it expands.

Please enjoy this conversation with Jason Price!

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Boiler Life


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We’re All Bosses


Jason Price (@jasonwayneprice)

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What stood out most to you about what Jason shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to keep company culture engaged as it expand.

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