Pop the champagne. Lessonly, an Indianapolis-based corporate training company that was one of the earliest members of the Powderkeg community, has been acquired by San-Diego-based Seismic

Lessonly Acquisition and Careers In the Unvalley

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from Lessonly’s journey, including:

  • How to build an extraordinary company culture and intentionally promote that culture as part of your marketing strategy. 
  • How to play the SaaS game as well as any company on the coasts.
  • Why “share before you’re ready” should be one of your mantras as you strive to do better work as a tech professional or leader.
  • How you can grow and evolve your startup through multiple rounds of funding.
  • How to use systems to build powerful teams and an enticing company culture.

Congrats again to the entire Lessonly team. We’re looking forward to continuing to watch your story unfold.

Blast from the past. Here’s Lessonly President Conner Burt pitching Lessonly all the way back at a Verge event in 2015.

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