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Remote Work 2: Liam Martin of Time Doctor and on Benefits, Obstacles, and Best Practices

Posted July 24, 2018

Matt Hunckler

CEO, Powderkeg

Here at Powderkeg, we believe the rising remote work movement goes hand-in-hand with our mission to connect the amazing tech communities growing and thriving across the country. In a previous episode of the Igniting Startups podcast, the CEO and COO of Indianapolis-based Formstack shared how they built an exceptional remote culture spanning seven countries. Today, serial entrepreneur Liam Martin joins us to share some remote work secrets of his own.

Liam is no stranger to managing a remote team. As co-founder of employee time-tracking software Time Doctor and, Liam oversees a team of over 80 people living in 27 countries around the world. He and his team were also behind Running Remote, the first global conference on building and scaling remote teams, back in June.

In this second episode on remote work, Liam shares tactical tips and strategies that will change how you think about going remote. We discuss the huge benefits and noteworthy obstacles of managing a distributed team, dive into the critical importance of clear processes and documentation, and even touch on the pros and cons of synchronous vs. asynchronous communication.

In this episode of Igniting Startups with Liam Martin, you’ll learn: 

  • His remote work experience that inspired the creation of Time Doctor and 
  • Why data analysis plays a key role in developing remote work best practices. 
  • Strategies for leveraging remote work to drive employee satisfaction at your company. 
  • The importance of clear processes and documentation within a remote business. 
  • Why asynchronous communication tools may be the right choice for your remote team. 
  • How Running Remote aims to educate and empower remote-first companies. 

Please enjoy this conversation with Liam Martin!


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What stood out most to you about what Liam shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s the strategies for leveraging remote work to drive employee satisfaction at your company.

You? Leave a comment below.


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Matt Hunckler

CEO, Powderkeg

Matt is the founder and CEO of Powderkeg, a network of local communities with global reach for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and top talent. Powderkeg entrepreneurs have collectively raised more than $1 Billion in capital and are disrupting industries, creating wealth, and changing the world from areas beyond Silicon Valley. Hunckler has led successful teams with his own ventures, as well as Inc. 500 companies and venture-funded tech startups. He's been named an Under 30 CEO Entrepreneur to Watch and an IBJ Forty Under 40 Honoree for his entrepreneurial endeavors. @hunckler