Johnny Boufarhat, founder of virtual event platform Hopin, has the world’s greatest timing.

Boufarhat launched his company in 2019, right before the pandemic hit, so the company exploded when concerts, conferences, and other virtual events pivoted to virtual experiences in March 2020.

Now Hopin is the fastest-growing European startup of all time, and their tool is used by over 80,000 organizations, including the United Nations. More than 3.5 million video content creators use StreamYard, Hopin’s live streaming software.

Hopin is also a remote-first company with 400 employees in 42 countries, so their success adds weight to the argument that the new way to scale a company is to start remote and stay that way. 

Andreas Klinger, an investor in Remote First Capital, recently compared the growth of San Francisco-based Stripe in 2010 to Hopin’s growth last year, saying, “The future of hypergrowth startups is remote.”

Andrew Wilkenson applauded the new culture of remote work, saying, “Remember when people used to fly for 5 hours, stay in a hotel overnight, and spend $2,000 for a 1 hour meeting instead of doing a Zoom? It truly wasn’t a better time.”

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