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Achieving success depends on how much you want it. On how motivated you are. On whether it really is your burning ambition to succeed.

Millennial influencer Luis “Ambition” Garcia started building his business while on tour in the war zones of Afghanistan. Using precious breaks from 16-hour army days, he laid the groundwork for a social media empire that now engages millions of followers on Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and other channels. Luis — who grew up in the ghettos of North Philly — created his brand by prioritizing relationships over revenues, by first giving value before asking for anything in return.

In this podcast, you’ll discover the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey from selling crazy balls and pretzels in school to running Ambition Media, a full-service influencer marketing agency that helps brands extend their reach, accelerate growth and achieve targets.  

But this podcast is not only about Luis. It’s more about you and your own ambitions. Your unique challenges. And the best paths to grow own brand and succeed.

How do you go beyond a constrictive environment, navigate roadblocks, and move towards bigger goals? Can you start anything worthwhile without a hoard of cash? Luis certainly did, and so can you.

How do you build a brand that people respect? How do you identify the specific pain points you need to solve in order to gain your audience’s trust? How do you plant seeds of opportunities?

Listen, and you’ll find the surprising, mind-opening answers.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a 20-year-old kid from a North Philly ghetto went from the warzone in Afghanistan to become one of the most sought after millennial influencers on social media   
  • Step-by-step marketing tips and tricks for Instagram and Periscope
  • How to build value-generating relationships from scratch
  • Tried and tested techniques for building, growing and enhancing your brand
  • Winning principles and best practices on social media
  • How to find a worthy mentor and leverage your learning experience
  • Why blindly following someone or something on social media erodes your brand
  • Why video has become indispensable in articulating your message

Please enjoy!

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What stood out most to you about what Luis shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s the importance of  giving value first and then build a relationship later.

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