Starting a company is often a solitary journey. Until they have enough traction to hire their first employees, founders tend to spend much of their time working alone. A little support for a young startup can go a long way, and that’s where community initiatives and organizations can make a tremendous impact.

Today’s episode of the Igniting Startups podcast takes an in-depth look at how Nashville startups are disrupting industries and scaling quickly. Our two guests are Brynn Plummer and Clark Buckner, staff members at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, Tennessee. (Buckner is also co-founder and chief creative officer of Relationary Marketing). The Nashville Entrepreneur Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with the critical resources needed to create, launch, and grow a business.

Following the release of the “Grit and Growth: The 2018 Tennessee Tech Census Report” and the NEXT Awards, hosted by Nashville Entrepreneur Center, honoring local entrepreneurs and companies, my guests and I sat down to hear from the founders of several successful Nashville Startups.


Learn from these Nashville Startups and Entrepreneurs:

  • Scott Borchetta — Founder, President and CEO of Big Machine Label Group, the No. 1 independent record label in the world and home to superstars such as Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, Reba McEntire.
  • Michael Burcham — An executive coach, entrepreneur, and investor with 30 years’ experience leading healthcare organizations. Currently CEO of Narus Health
  • Ron Samuels — Founder of Avenue Bank. An experienced leader, executive and marketer and has been a banker in Nashville for 43 years.
  • Betsey McQue, founder of Hurdl — Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Music and Media Startup of the Year  
  • Jerry Bostelman, CEO & Founder Vaco — Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Intrapreneurial Company of the Year

In LIVE episode recorded at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, you’ll learn:

  • How entrepreneurial organizations like the Nashville Entrepreneur Center can help founders create winning business models.
  • Why interpersonal networks are crucial when it comes to fundraising, and not just for Nashville startups.
  • How Nashville startups invest in company culture to gain a strategic advantage.
  • The many ways investing in public transportation empowers entrepreneurs.
  • How to tap into your city’s unique business landscape for startup success.
  • Major forces and circumstances that attract people to tech hubs.
  • The kind of content you can expect from the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s upcoming podcast.

Please enjoy this conversation with Clark Buckner and Brynn Plummer from Nashville Entrepreneur Center!

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What stood out most to you in this episode of igniting startups?

For me, it’s why interpersonal networks are crucial when it comes to fundraising.

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