Sharing business “secrets” isn’t always bad for business. In fact, sometimes it’s good for business. Really good.

Scott Hill and Andy Medley, who together founded PERQ as CIK enterprises in the early 200s, recently took to the Verge Pitch Night stage to launch their new brand, PERQ, and marketing technology platform, FATWIN. And while some founders might shy away from sharing too many tricks of the trade when there are cameras rolling, Hill and Medley divulged many of their secrets for success in front of 500 entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, investors and startup enthusiasts (and a few cameras).

They showed the crowd how the office itself reflects the PERQ company culture, why PERQ uses open book management to play business like a game (complete with a scoreboard), and candidly explained how the relationships they have built with the Indianapolis startup community have helped them along the way.

With years of experience leading the company through quick and sustained profitability to the INC 500 list, and with such strong support rallied behind them, it’s no secret that PERQ is set up for another big year. See for yourself how their brand launch helped get them there.

Opening Your Doors Opens Doors For Everyone

Put Company Culture on Display

PERQ’s company culture is manifested on the walls of the office, and the freshly renovated building was itself a key feature of this Pitch Night.

  Four breathtaking giant wall graphics symbolize the company’s core values: Grit, Savvy, Competitive Greatness, and my personal favorite, Magnetism.

PERQ Office: Magnetism
The Magnetism wall is made up of over 1,400 PERQ employee photos.









One of the most exciting features of the PERQ office is the business scoreboard. It’s glued to the wall outside of the kitchen and dining area, right next to a basketball hoop. PERQ is an open book management organization, which means they approach business a lot like a game–and since it doesn’t make sense to play a game without knowing the score, the company’s revenue numbers and key performance indicators are posted for all to see.

In the video below, you can get a look at the scoreboard and hear Hill explain what it means to PERQ.

Want to see more of one of Indy’s coolest offices?

Check out the scooter tour:

Contextualize the Company Story

The better the context, the better the punchline. Mike Langelier, who today plays a big role in the technology community leading TechPoint, launched his own company (MyJibe) from the Verge stage a few years ago. Accordingly, we invited Langelier to tell the story of his own experience building and launching a company with the support of the Indianapolis startup community. And as Langelier pointed out, while days like the #PERQparty commemorate successes, sometimes the community is all founders have to pull them through those tough challenges:

Some members of the audience were already familiar with the MyJibe story because they saw Langelier’s pitch in person.


What Makes a Launch Party Successful?

If you attended the PERQ party, let me know what you thought in the comments!


Note: I will post the FATWIN pitch and our Fireside Chat in the coming days, and will append them to this post as they become available.