Most consumers are excited after they buy, so they check their tracking number according to UPS, 2.42 times after they have ordered an item. And if you’re shipping 1,000 packages, that’s 2,420 brand impressions. Some, if not most of the well-known brands, will always send that type of traffic to a shipping company like FedEx or UPS or any third-party company. Which entirely disrupts the customer’s entire branded experience. It has never been more challenging to get and retain customer attention, so every touchpoint with the customer must be hit. But what if there was a company that was offering this kind of experience?

That’s why in today’s pitch episode of the Powderkeg Podcast, you’ll hear from Yaw Aning, Co-founder and CEO of Malomo, a platform that turns shipment tracking into a powerful marketing channel for eCommerce brands.

Yaw had only 5 minutes on the Powderkeg stage to pitch his company Malomo to a live panel of investors and industry experts from our CX & Customer Journey pitch night we hosted last year featuring some of the most innovative companies scaling in the United States. The four experts you’ll hear from in this episode include:

  • Darcy Lee | Director of Sales at AIS 
  • Alex Shortle | Vice President, Periculum Capital 
  • Cathy Langlois | Executive Vice President at Peoplocity
  • Tiffany Sauder | President & CEO at Element Three

Today’s Presenter, Yaw Aning, found himself bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. Yaw joined an entrepreneurial program called the Orr Fellowship, where he grew his entrepreneurial skills and led him on his entrepreneurial journey of growing and founding his company. Yaw has had a number of entrepreneurial successes but, currently, he’s killing it with Malomo, a platform that turns Shipment Tracking into a Powerful Marketing Channel for eCommerce Brands. Tune in for more!

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Please enjoy this pitch with Yaw Aning of Malomo!

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