Thought leadership marketing goes far beyond solidifying your industry expertise and authority. What’s more important (and more difficult) is establishing trust and influence. This is what creates an entry point for your customers. It’s often not a quick process, but when done right, it builds a steadily filling funnel of warm leads.

On today’s episode of the Igniting Startups podcast, we’ll look at how to establish yourself—or another influencer at your company—as a thought leader in your industry. We have two experts on the subject to help you out. First is Chris Lucas, vice president of national PR agency BLASTmedia. Chris has a built his career on helping SaaS companies find their voice. In fact, he and BLASTmedia even launched a new PR program tailored to SaaS startups.

Also joining us is Nick Tippmann, vice president of marketing at Midwest startup Greenlight Guru. Through smart use of thought leadership marketing, Nick positioned one of his company’s founders as a leading influencer in the medical device industry—and subsequently spurred impressive growth.

Together, these two experts provide great complementary perspectives on thought leadership marketing. We’ll cover how your company can find it’s marketing foundation, and then build thought leadership by identifying niches, filling them with the right messaging, and delivering those messages over the right channels.

In this episode on thought leadership marketing with Chris Lucas and Nick Tippmann, you’ll learn:

  • The role of a thought leader in your marketing strategy.
  • How to find a need in the market you can build a foundation around.
  • How to figure out your message, and the best communication channels to use.
  • What it takes to achieve thought leadership that drives conversions.
  • How to set your business apart from the competition in an audience-friendly way.
  • Where to find information that tells you how best to communicate with your audience.

Please enjoy this conversation on thought leadership marketing with Chris Lucas and Nick Tippmann!

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