Want to know what people recruiters and hiring managers are most likely to see when they Google your name?

Yep…it’s your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is probably in the top 5 search results for your name. 

LinkedIn has nearly 800 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide. Almost everyone in the tech industry has a profile, and it’s often the first place employers will look when they kick off their talent search.

But LinkedIn profiles are often neglected. Many professionals created one years ago, and haven’t touched it since. 

There is a lot of untapped potential hiding in your LinkedIn connections – new collaborators, partners, jobs, mentors, customers…even friends. 

Here are 8 tips from the Powderkeg community about how you can start unlocking that potential on LinkedIn:

 Top 8 LinkedIn Tips from Tech Recruiters to Unlock Your Career Potential

  1. Be authentic. In an episode of the Powderkeg podcast, Ashley Watkins, a job search coach and nationally-certified resume writer, says, “What I’ve noticed is that people have a lot of reservations about using LinkedIn… just be yourself, be your authentic self. You may not want to put stuff on there that somebody may find on your Snapchat or Instagram, but you can use it much the same way to share your personal stories, because people do hire people.”
  2. Focus on connections. Ana Lokotkova, a personal brand advisor, resume writer, and job interview coach at CV Labs advises, “When you shift your focus towards marketing towards interaction towards building real, authentic, genuine connections—everything changes.”
  3. Keep your profile updated. Yes, this sounds basic, but it’s easy to forget this step as your professional situation changes. Entrepreneur.com says you should upload a current photo, update your headline to include what you do and who you do it for, and include a call to action that lets people know the next step for working with you.
  4. Add useful content that shows off your expertise. LinkedIn has plenty of features that allow you to show off what you know. Add featured content, create a newsletter, or use LinkedIn Live to drive engagement. 

Tech recruiters and HR leaders in the Powderkeg community also shared their wisdom about how to build connections and boost your career opportunities on LinkedIn. These are the folks who might be looking at your LinkedIn profile as they search for talent, so if you’re looking for a job, listen up! 

Here are their thoughts:

  1. “Utilize the “open to work” feature. These profiles typically surface first when recruiters are searching for candidates. Choose a professional photo. Don’t copy your company’s job description word for word when writing about your experience. Be authentic.” –  Joe Stajkowski, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Zotec Partners
  2. “Research not only the company, but the individuals who work at the company. Find patterns in their work experiences to help you understand if you’re a fit, and review the content they publish to help you understand if you will enjoy the culture. Connect with a few in relevant roles for current AND future roles!” – Gabby VanAlstine, Director, Talent & Culture, Boardable
  3. “My favorite tip when searching for a new opportunity within LinkedIn is to first do your research on companies you would like to work for. Then, determine if you have any connections at the companies who you can email, set up a call and maybe even see if they would be willing to help point you to the recruiter or the hiring manager. It takes effort on your part and you should seek out the right opportunity proactively versus just applying and waiting for a response.” – Lisa Evans, Sr Talent Partner, Resultant
  4. “The best advice I have for finding a job via LinkedIn is to keep your profile updated with new skills and experiences and to build your network. Oftentimes, people don’t want to connect with people they don’t know. I’ve had great success connecting with people at a conference or through another connection that have helped me professionally as a resource or with finding a job.” – Dorie Chevalier, Sr. Global HR Business Partner, Stanley Security Products & Solutions

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