There is no doubt about it: the tasks that happen in data science can be complicated and unpredictable. The way we do business, sell, promote, strategize, and grow in today’s world ultimately has become data-driven. That’s why you need to have a good team that can keep up with the data. Now most organizations, from small start-ups to large-scale companies, are using the help of data scientists and data-minded folks to tap into the many opportunities that data possesses. And some companies are only just getting started. 
Today’s episode is part of a recording of a live fireside chat we hosted just a few weeks ago here in Indianapolis, where we discussed the topic of “Unlocking the Power of Data Science and Visualization.” Joining me on this special podcast episode is the VP of Data Science at High Alpha, Mark Clerkin.

Mark is an experienced data science leader with an exceptional track record of conceiving, developing, and delivering innovative processes and products. He is a mentor with Techstars and The Last Mile. Mark and his team are the architects of building statistical analysis, data pipelines, data visualization, and machine learning solutions for High Alpha’s portfolio companies.
Throughout this episode, you’ll get to hear Mark discuss the benefits of possessing soft skills, using data in startups, and bringing diversity to high performing teams. Also, you’ll get to listen to a featured interview with KSM Consulting’s Director of Talent, Louonna Kachur where she shares the fantastic energy and culture that KSM is building and the kind of talent they’re currently looking for on this episode of Powderkeg Igniting Startups.

In this episode with Mark Clerkin, you’ll learn:

  • How to make meaningful connections with other tech folks
  • The biggest opportunities in data science and visualization
  • Why startups should use data science to capture key data
  • How Data Science has become inherently diverse
  • Mark’s hope for the Indianapolis tech community and data science

Please enjoy this conversation with Mark Clerkin!

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What stood out most to you about what Mark Clerkin shares in this podcast?
For me, it’s the biggest opportunities in data science and visualization.

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